A Message Of Encouragement And Hope For A Better Tomorrow

Would you describe your life as busy? Is there always more to do, more expected of you, but simply not enough time in the day?

  • Work expects more faster.
  • Our kids schools expect our children to be in more activities, and we are encouraged to help our children be more well-rounded with more, more, more!
  • Our church expects us to be at every service or volunteer in a ministry at the church building if we are not.
  • The world around us communicates DO MORE, GET MORE, FASTER!
  • The more we buy the more we have to do to pay for our stuff.

We not longer have time for what is most important, everything is faster, quicker, go go go! But we have hope for a better tomorrow, and tomorrow can indeed be better, but some changes will have to be made.

Speaking Topics:

  • Learning To Love Yourself: Personalizing Your DISC Assessment
  • Mindsets: A few that might hold us back from the change we desire.
  • Timeout: The power of taking time to slow down and think.
  • Life Planning: Creating a plan for a better tomorrow.


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