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Jul 13

It’s Kept Me On Course Through The Twists And Turns Of Life

By Jen Regan | Accomplishing Goals , Baby Steps , Overcoming Obstacles , Perseverance , Planning , What's Most Important

In the spring of 2011 I decided to change the direction of my career. Since then, life has been anything but a straight line or an easy path. I have had health issues, the decline and passing of my Dad, business starts and stops and a lot of physical pain. Through everything, there has been one thing that has kept me focused on my career goal and prevented me from getting off course. Here’s my story.

It all started when I picked up a book about Life Coaching. I had never heard of such a thing, but it was more common on the East and West Coast. I knew immediately it was what I wanted to do. I love encouraging others to move forward towards whatever life they want to live or goals they want to accomplish. I researched different certifications and quickly had a phone call set up with an organization out of Oregon. I took my first step which was to be coached myself. I could not give what I had not experienced for myself. I loved it and as part of the Life Coaching process, I created a Life Plan. 

My Life Plan forced me to think about the future in detail, which was not something I was used to doing. I had to decide what was most important to me and what I wanted my life to look like many years in the future. This process was very eye opening to me because the current reality of my life was that I was very unhealthy in a lot of ways. If I continued on the road that I was on, my future did not look very rosey. Basically, if I didn’t want that to be my future reality, A LOT WAS GOING TO HAVE TO CHANGE!.

I had back issues, I ate horribly, I did not exercise like I should and my stress management was not that great. At my current rate, I was not going to make it to live a long life, and if I did, I would not be active and vibrant. There was so much I had to change that I quickly felt OVERWHELMED! And I wanted to change careers on top of this?

My Life Coach, Joy, introduced me to the idea of Baby Steps. She taught me that there was ALWAYS something I could do to move forward, even if it was in the smallest of ways. That is what I did, but along with all of these changes, the twists and turns of life made things even more challenging.

Within the next year I changed jobs, lost my job, studied for and finished my Life Coaching Certification, had a major surgery (which appears to have triggered autoimmune issues in my body), started a business with my husband, John, and set out on my goal to become a Life Coach. Through the twists and turns, I kept my Life Plan in front of me and it kept me moving forward.

I spent the next few years coaching a handful of amazing women. It was great to be a part of the changes they experienced in their life. Overall though, most busy women were not interested in having a Life Coach. This made me sad for them and made me question whether this was a viable career. I did not meet a woman who did not love the concept and they all agreed that they could benefit from it, but I ran into two walls. 

The first obstacle was that they were already crazy busy, they simply did not have the time to add in Life Coaching Sessions or the time to make the changes they wanted in their lives. The second obstacle was one of finances. It is my heart to help what I call “us normal women”, but us normal chicks don’t have a lot of extra cash. It was also hard to spend money on something they felt they should be able to do on their own. I Completely understood.

The question for me was, what do I do next? I still had a heart to help women focus on what is most important in their lives and not get pulled off course with the busyness of life. I decided to take my obstacles head on. I decided to write a book because I figured everyone could afford a book. HeeHee, this makes me laugh! I have never been good at proper english, grammar or spelling. I had NO EXPERIENCE with writing anything much less a book. What was I thinking? 

Baby Steps were my answer. I had to take one Baby Step at a time to move forward. It suddenly became clear that this is how all of us, with busy lives and overwhelming tasks, need to move forward. Baby Steps was the answer to the second obstacle.

Let’s fast forward A FEW YEARS! Yes, A few years and more of life’s twists and turns. I was not making the money I needed to with Life Coaching and it was time for me to go back to work full time as a bookkeeper. My dreams and my book were put on hold for one full year. At my year mark, I decided I was going to get back to working on my book, but life’s twists and turns decided differently. Finally I started getting up crazy early every Sunday morning to take baby steps towards writing my book. It was still my heart’s passion to help very busy women live the best life they can, focused on the best things. 

In November of last year (2018) I talked to my husband about taking a year off of work to concentrate on my book and that is what I did, but the twists and turns of life continue. This year I have been diagnosed with another autoimmune condition. My body decided it did not like food so I had to go on an elimination diet. At one point I could eat 15 things total. To put that in perspective, if you go out to eat, had a hamburger with everything on it, french fries and an unsweet iced tea, that totals about 15 things. My body decided to have reactions to food, one that caused severe back pain for almost 3 months. 

Why am I sharing all of this? It is because through the past 8 years my Life Plan has kept me on track. Today, I am still moving toward the future that I defined 8 years ago. I am still focused on what I have defined as most important to me. I am still learning, growing and taking baby steps toward my goal every single day. I have a picture of my future that I want to make a reality. That picture is my Life Plan.

This is why I have created my Life Planning Class that I am now making an Online Course. 

  • I know one of the obstacles that you face is time. With this in mind, I am giving participants access for 4 months so that you can work through the 4 lessons at your own pace.

  • I also know that money is tight, but I felt $69.00 per participant was doable and a great investment in your future. 

It is my heart’s desire that you know what you want your future to look like and that you keep moving towards that future no matter what life throws your way!

Registration is only open for one week - So Mark Your Calendars!

(Wednesday, July 24, 2019 - Tuesday, July 30, 2019)

A Work At Your Own Pace Online Course: How To Achieve Your Ideal Life!

This online course will:

  • Provide direction and more focus in the areas of life that are most important to you.

  • Help you define what you want your future to look like, not allowing others to define it for you.

  • Create a plan that will get you from here to there, even when the twists and turns of life try to get you off course.

  • Establish Small Action Steps that will fit into your busy day and keep you moving in the right direction.

The Details:

  • This online course contains 4 time released Lessons, one published each Thursday, on the first four Thursday of August 2019. (1st, 8th, 15th & 22nd)

  • Each Lesson will contain a quick Video Lesson with Action Step Instructions and Worksheets for you to work on before you move on to the next lesson.

  • You will have access to the course for 4 MONTHS which will allow you to work at your own pace! I believe in a NO STRESS ZONE! (Access from August 1, 2019 - November 30, 2019)

Work Towards Your Ideal Life for $69.00 per participant!

  • Registration is only open for one week! Wednesday July 24, 2019 - Tuesday, July 30, 2019 so mark your calendar!

  • There are only 25 "Seats" Available for the course. First come first serve!

  • Please note that this course is non-refundable.

August is a great time to pull out the school supplies and invest in an amazing future! Register at starting July 24, 2019!

Jul 11

Here’s How You Are Doing Great!

By Jen Regan | Uncategorized

If you are like me, you rarely stop and appreciate yourself for all that you are doing and have accomplished. Your mind is always focused on what you can do better or what needs to get done next. Our busy lives leave little room for celebration and recognition of accomplishments, especially the millions of small things we make happen each day.

I am here today to remind myself, and you, that every single thing we accomplish each day, even as small as putting a new roll of toilet paper on the dispenser, is an accomplishment worth celebrating. The shear mass of task we put under our belt each day is staggering. You are doing many things right and well. Here are just a few.

You know what is important and you prioritize it! You are faced with a lot of options each day. You are constantly surveying them all then picking and choosing the ones that are right for your life. You are doing a great job!

You invest in the lives of very important people every single day. From the person you nicely waved to go in front of you in traffic to spending one-on-one time with your teenager walking the dog. You take care of others from the moment you wake up to the moment you fall asleep at night. You are a Rock Star!

You make healthy choices every day to take care of yourself. You strive for a good night’s rest, you focus on eating things that will bring you strength and energy, and you try to keep moving every single day. You take care of yourself and keep your body fueled for action. You are a Champion!

Today, let’s not only focus on our areas of improvement, but let’s CELEBRATE all that we already do and succeed at. The list is long and you truly are AMAZING!

Here’s to giving yourself a high-five for making sure your household has toilet paper...and so much more!

Will you remind someone else that they are doing great this week? Ladies simply don’t hear it enough. Think right now about who you could bless with a word of appreciation and go for it!

Jul 04

Add The Super Great Stuff Into Your Life!

By Jen Regan | What's Most Important

We have a great bunch of ladies going through Module 2 of the Live Your Life On Track Series and today is day #7 for them. They have identified the areas in their life that are “non-negotiables” for them. Areas that cannot be neglected and are very important to them. Today, they continue to add great things into their lives and schedules. What a great reminder to us all this 4th of July!

I love summer! I will take the heat any day over the cold. My husband, John, is just the opposite. This year, John’s work has a “step” challenge going, encouraging all of their employees to get up and move. Well, John has taken on the challenge, and me along with him. Now that the days are getting so warm in St. Louis, we have been having to get out to do some laps around our neighborhood each evening. This challenge has added some great things to John and my life together. We are exercising more and we are spending a good amount of time each day talking about our day and what we think about life in general. I would have never expected all of the positive benefits it has brought us when we first started out.

What are some great things you could add to your life this summer? They don’t have to be big things, in fact, all you may be able to fit in is small things. With that in mind, what are some small things that could bring you and your loved ones the biggest joy?

Today, along with my Module 2 ladies, think about the areas that are most important in your life, the areas you would not want to neglect. Ask yourself, what small things could I add to my schedule right now that would make a big impact? For you, and for those you care about. Add them to your calendar right now and remember, they are non-negotiable!

Here’s to a great, impactful summer!

If you have a friend that could benefit from the reminders we share in this blog, will you send it her way? We all need a boost, and it’s great to get one from a dear friend!

If you would like to having my blog emailed directly to you each week, here's the place to sign up! There's more great stuff coming next week! Don't miss out!   - Jen

Jun 28

How To Keep Going, When It Is The Last Thing You Feel Like Doing

By Jen Regan | Baby Steps , Perseverance

Summer is such a fun time filled with so many great activities. Those activities can be pretty exhausting and sometimes make us fall behind in other important areas of life. How do we continue to move forward with what is important to us when it is the last thing we feel like doing?

I don’t know about you, but I have felt like that sweet puppy this week. I came off of a great trip with family and knew I had to get back on track in a number of areas of my life. I soon found myself tired and really unmotivated. Moving forward felt like the last thing I wanted to do, but I knew I had to. UGGGHHH!

Here are a few quick things I had to do for myself this week, and I hope you will do the same for you.

Be easy on yourself. I really thought I was going to hit the ground running, but that did not happen. I had a plan for my week, which was very ambitious, and threw that out the window very quickly. I moved forward in small ways and gave myself grace in the other areas. Beating ourselves up does not accomplish much. Do what you can and love yourself for taking small steps forward!

Allow yourself to rest. I don’t know about you, but the fun eventually catches up with me and I need some rest. Summer is a great time for fun, but it is a great time for rest too. Enter the NO GUILT ZONE and enjoy a nap, sleeping in or going to bed early. Your body will thank you and you will wake up more energized!

Don’t get overwhelmed by ALL THAT YOU HAVE TO DO, but ask yourself “what one small thing I can do to move forward?” It’s a mental game, I know, but it works. When you wake up not feeling like doing anything, deciding on one small thing to do is much easier than thinking about the full laundry list of things that MUST GET DONE. I don’t know about you, but I can muster up the energy to tackle one small baby step and before I know it, I am ready for another.

Think about how you will feel when you have finished your small steps or goal. This week I needed to get back to training for a big bike ride I have in September. The last thing I felt like doing was getting out to ride. I had to intentionally stop all of the thoughts that kept reminding me of how tired I was and how I really didn’t feel like riding. I had to fill my mind with thoughts of how good I would feel when I had accomplished my goal for that day. Thoughts of being tired can make us more tired. Thoughts of accomplishment can give us a little boost, and it worked!

If you are tired and unmotivated this week, love yourself, get some rest, take things one at a time and think good thoughts. You got this!

Encourage a friend this week:

If you know someone who needs a reminder to take care of themselves, rest and take baby steps, touch base with them and encourage them to do so.

Life is so much better when we live it together and encourage each other.

I would love to send my weekly blog directly to your email inbox. All you have to do is sign up right here! - Jen

Jun 20

Here Is A Method That Is Helping Busy Women Know They Are Spending Their Time Wisely!

By Jen Regan | What's Most Important

We all want to have the confidence that we are spending our time and energy wisely. It can be challenging to know if we are on the right track. We go, go, go all day with obligations from start to finish. As we finish the day, how do we know we spent our time and energy on the right things?

I love bedtime! I hit the sack close to the same time every night. Me and my dog, Pebbles, have our routine and take over the bed. My husband, John, is a night owl and joins us a few hours later. I have found bedtime to be a good time to reflect on my day. I try to walk through my day from start to finish. I tend to feel like I have never done enough in my day, but as I reflect, I realize that I did get quite a bit accomplished. Most nights I don’t even make it through my time of reflection before I am sound asleep. It’s a great way to end the day!

End of day reflection is a great method of gauging whether you spent your time and energy wisely that day.

As you go to bed tonight, ask yourself:

Do I feel like I had moments of connection with the people that are most important to me? When all is said and done, the people that we love, and time with them, is one of the greatest investments of our time. We all have those days where we know it is going to be busy from start to finish. The challenge comes when most, or all of our days are like that, and the connection with the people we love, get the leftovers, if there are any. It’s a great feeling to know that we prioritized time for those we love during the day, and it’s a great thing to reflect on as you fall asleep each night.

Do I feel like I moved forward on important areas in my life today? Even if it was really small baby steps? Each one of us have goals we want to accomplish, some are formally written down, some are kept safe in our minds. Either way, we usually know what we need to do each day to move forward on the areas that are important to us. I love checking things off my to-do list, and it gives me a great feeling at the end of each day when I know I spent my time on what is most important.

Do I feel like the pace of my day was right for me? Was it rushed and packed to the gills? Did I have a slow, unmotivated day? Was it just right? I call this our personal speed limit, and I believe we all have one. Your personal speed limit is unique to you and you feel the best when you work inside of that speed limit. At the end of the day, you know when you overdid it. You also know when you under did it. The great feeling comes when you know you lived at the pace that was perfect for you!

Do I feel like I was able to do something to take care of my health and well-being today? Ladies, we have to take care of ourselves! I am here to tell you, from my experience,  bad health will catch up with you if you do not take care of yourself. It is challenging to prioritize ourselves when we feel good, but it is so very important. If anything, it gives you more energy to live your life well. It is a great feeling to fall into bed knowing you took great care of yourself that day!

As you go to bed tonight, take a few deep breaths, relax and reflect on your day. No one day is perfect. Love yourself and celebrate the things that went well. Give yourself love and grace for the areas you would like to do better. Close your eyes and be thankful for the day.

You are AMAZING! Let’s give every day our absolute best!

Sign-up for my next free resource is closing this Sunday (June 23, 2019)!

Live Your Life On Track Module 2 is called

The Secret To Time Management and Balance!


When you sign up for Module 2, you will receive 1 daily email for 14 days straight from June 28th - July 11th, 2019. They will:

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  • Identify the changes you would like to make in your schedule and life.
  • Teach you three key habits that will help you live on the right track for years to come.

I am super excited about this Module!

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Jun 13

Come To Peace With It, Once And For All

By Jen Regan | Perseverance

I have never been a real fan of the “Serenity Prayer” written by the American theologian Reinhold Niebuhr. The first statement is asking “God, to grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change”. Well, I don’t like the idea that I cannot change things. I like the idea that I can make whatever change I want to in my life.

"God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference." - Reinhold Niebuhr


“Courage to change the things I can..” I like this part of the serenity prayer because it talks about the things in life that we do have control over. Sometimes we feel stuck, but I have also learned, and I think you have too, that when we feel stuck, there is always something we can do to move forward. Sometimes, it takes effort to find the small steps we can take, but they are there.

I love the fact that he includes the word “courage” because it really does take courage to move forward when life is not going our way. In the end, it feels good to take control and move forward.

Do you have an area in life where you feel stuck and need to gather some courage to change? What small step can you take today to move forward?


“Grant me the serenity (peace) to accept the things I cannot change…” (I added the word “peace” because I can relate to it better.) I think we can all agree that we want our lives to be peaceful, but I have learned a hard lesson over the past few months. Striving, striving, and striving to change something I cannot, brings a lot of frustration and exhaustion, not peace.

The main way we learn, what we can and cannot change, is through experimenting. I think early in our lives the majority of us think deep down we can change other people. We try and try and eventually learn that we cannot make other people change. Life is one big learning lesson.

One huge part that we don’t want to miss is “grant me the serenity to accept…” Once we have learned that we do not have the control to change something in our lives, it is important to come to peace with it.

Is it time to accept areas in life that you cannot change? What are they and what can you do to bring peace into your life?


“And wisdom to know the difference.” I think wisdom tends to be a natural byproduct from trying something, then learning from the results. Gaining wisdom does take some effort. Have you ever been in a rut, trying the same things over and over again, but getting nowhere? It requires effort and courage to figure out what you have control to change and what you don’t. It takes courage to step out of your box and look at things from different perspectives. That is where we gain amazing wisdom.

Celebrate all that you have learned through the years. You have overcome many obstacles and gained much wisdom.


There is one last part of the quote that I have not address and that is how is starts “God”.  God has been the difference maker in my life. When I feel stuck and do not know where to go, He always leads me when I ask Him (and many times when I don’t). There was a time in my life when I questioned His existence. I remember sitting at my kitchen table looking up and saying “I don’t even know if you exist, but if You do and I am headed in the wrong direction, please show me the right direction.” Looking back from that moment on, I have experienced His help every step of the way.

If you feel stuck, even if you have a hard time believing, ask God to help and He will show up.


Wisdom, courage, change, and serenity. Those are some pretty powerful words that I hope we can all embrace today. I think life will be so much better if we can!

Good New! Good News!

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  • Help you take a close look at where you are currently spending your time and energy.
  • Identify the changes you would like to make in your schedule and life.
  • Teach you three key habits that will help you live on the right track for years to come.

I am super excited about this Module! You will not want to miss it! 

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Jun 06

Little Known Ways To Stop Feeling Drained And Start Living Your Best!

By Jen Regan | What's Most Important

Last week I published a free resource on my website. In it, I made the statement “Living on track and living drained do not go together.” Ever since I hit the “publish” button, I have been thinking about that statement and asking if it is really true. I know what it feels like to be tired, and I know what it feels like to feel drained. What’s the difference and why does it matter?

This past October I went to a conference called Catalyst in Atlanta Georgia. The theme of the conference was “Fully Alive!” Going into the conference I felt anything but “fully alive”, in fact, I wondered if there was really such a thing. I sat in the arena for two full days and listened to amazing speaker after amazing speaker and slowly found my “tanks” filling. I did not realize it, but I was completely drained going into the conference and came out “filled up”. The day after the conference when my friend and I were traveling home, I wrote down a list of items in my life that were draining me. Today I can say that I get tired, but I am guarding myself against becoming drained.

What’s the difference?


We get tired when...we know what direction we want to go, what we want to achieve and put our heart and soul into achieving it.

We get drained when...we don’t really know where we want to go and what we want to accomplish in life. Yogi Berra once said “If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll end up someplace else.” It’s like the frantic feeling while driving when you realize you are lost.

Knowing where you want to go and what you want to accomplish in life will take some time and energy, but it feels good to know you are on the right track!


We get tired when...we put our time and energy on the things that are truly most important to us.

We get drained when...we allow ourselves to be continually pulled in the wrong direction by other people and what is important to them. When I left the “Fully Alive” conference, I had to come to grips with the fact that I did a lot of things, not because they were right for me, but because I wanted approval of others. Ugggh! I know. This one is a hard one, but here is the good news. We do not have to get everything perfect right now. Sometimes, once we become aware of areas that we need to improve on, we start taking baby steps to change it.

Starting to determine what is most important to you is a great place to start to live on the right track and feel less drained by others.


When we are tired...we go to bed at night knowing we spent our time and energy on the right stuff. We may be physically tired, but we are ready for a good night’s rest and ready to hit the ground first thing in the morning.

When we are drained...we go to bed feeling empty, desperately looking for a way to fill our tanks. That is where I was back in October.


I don’t want you to feel this way! It feels so much better to live with a plan and feel on track.

I want to swoop into each of your lives. I want to encourage and support you in the endeavor of living life on track. The way I have found to help as many AMAZING WOMEN as possible is to put together some resources to guide you on the journey. Here is what I have put together for you.

Module 1 of my Live Your Life On Track series:

  • Is a simple start to take a look at the activities of your life and decide whether they bring you happiness or not.
  • It helps us realize we are in control of our lives and sometimes some small tweaks can make a big difference.

Module 2 which you can sign up for next week! (Sign-up limited to June 14-June 23rd):

  • Will help you reconnect with the areas that are most important to you, but you get pulled away from.
  • Will help you take a close look at where you are today and where you want to be in the future.
  • Will teach you three key habits that will help you live on the right track for years to come.

Module 3 is where I bring my Life Planning Class online for you. In this class you will:

  • Dive deeper into the most important areas of your life.
  • Look at what you want those areas to look like many years in the future.
  • Create a plan that will get you from here to there, even when the twists and turns of life want to get you off course.
  • There will be a fee associated with this course, but it will be worth the investment in you and your future! Keep an eye out for more details in weeks to come.

But for right now, keep plugging away on Module 1 and if you have not had a chance to download your guidebook yet, sign up below and start to live our life on the right track!

May 30

Life Is Good… But I Wish It Was Better

By Jen Regan | Baby Steps

I don’t know about you, but my life has been pretty good. I’ve had great people in my life, a safe comfortable place to live and overall pretty good health. Life was good, but I wanted it to be better. I had an underlying discontentedness that I could not shake. I knew I wanted to live a fulfilled life, but I wasn’t sure how to get myself there.

I love to plan. The reason I love to plan is because it takes all of the miscellaneous thoughts rumbling around in my mind and sorts them out on paper. Getting a plan on paper, from a grocery list to a long term financial plan, calms my mind and brings a level of peace.

Seven years ago I came across the concept of life planning for the first time. It was an intriguing concept. I thought about what I wanted my life to look like when I turn 70 years of age. The idea was to look at the gap between where I was today, at 40 years of age, and where I wanted to be at 70 and figure out how I wanted to fill that gap of 30 years.

If you are starting to hyperventilate at that grandiose thought, you are not alone. Even though life planning is a great thing, you are more than likely so busy that:

  1. You just want to get through today in one piece.

  2. You do not have time to add any big task to your already loaded schedule.

I agree 100%!

Do we have any hope to remove that underlying feeling of discontentment?


I have wrestled with life for the last seven years in the quest for BETTER. I have failed so many times, I don’t know how I kept going. The reality is:

I could not settle for my current reality!

If I gave up, I was stuck with my life the way it was. I couldn’t do it.

Do you feel the same way today?

Today I can look back and see that I have made a lot of progress. I want the same for you!

I have been asking myself “How can I help very busy women remove the feeling of discontentment in their life?” “How can I help you feel like you are living on the right track for your life?”

Whatever tools I created, I knew 3 things:

  1. They had to be something you could work on and finish in your own timing. I do not want to add any more stress to your life.

  2. They had to be broken down into really small steps that would take just minutes each day.

  3. They needed to bring some instant relief.

With you in mind, I have been building a series of resources called Live Your Life On Track, and the first one is ready for you RIGHT NOW!

Sign up and be one of the first to receive:

Module 1. The Busy Woman’s Way To Happiness PDF Guidebook!

Are you tired of settling and ready to feel like you are living on the right track?

May 23

4 Ways Amazing Women Rock Out Summer!

By Jen Regan | Uncategorized

We made it to summer! The cold, snowy days are behind us, and it is time to have fun in the sun! If you are from St. Louis, we get to have extra fun cheering on THE BLUES Hockey Team in the Stanley Cup finals! Life is filled with many great things!

Many of you have spent the last few years and months finishing up certifications and degrees. You have now graduated and I want to tell you how proud I am of you. You have worked hard and put in hours that no one else knows about. You have persevered one step at a time and made it to your goal. CONGRATULATIONS!

Summer seems to be the best time of the year to pack up and transition on to a new home. What a job! You make it happen though. One step at a time you pack up box after box, organize garage sales and donate the things you no longer need. You say goodbye to many people and hello to everything new. Moving is a big transition in life, and you make it happen. GREAT JOB!

Summer is also a beautiful time for a wedding. Many of you are putting the finishing touches on the beautiful day for someone you love. What a fun time, but also a time where you want everything to be just perfect. You make it happen one step at a time, and also work through your emotions in the same fashion. Excitement and sadness as you transition someone on to their new life. YOU ARE AMAZING!

Summer is time for VACATIONS. But vacations don’t just happen. They require schedule coordination, planning, planning, planning, them some packing. You make it happen one step at a time working out every detail along the way. You and the ones you love will never forget the memories you share together. Those are priceless and SO ARE YOU!

Whatever your plans are for the next few months, find some time just for yourself, tackle those projects, make great memories with the ones you love, and continue to go after whatever your heart desires one baby step at a time!

Here’s to a great summer!

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May 16

A New Perspective That Can Change Everything

By Jen Regan | Accomplishing Goals , Overcoming Obstacles , Perseverance

We love to learn, but we don’t like to fail. Unfortunately, most of the time the two go hand and hand. Would life be more enjoyable if we learned to embrace failure? Probably.

My husband, John, used to work in the IT field. He is very savvy with technology and enjoys staying up to date on the latest gadgets. I, on the other hand, struggle with technology. As part of any business, mine included, it is important to have a nice looking, functional website. I have opted to manage my own site, mainly so I can make changes whenever I choose. The down side to this should be obvious, I’m not good with technology! The process, from day one, has  been fraught with failure after failure and this week hasn’t been any different. I decided I was going to do a complete overhaul of my website. I started Monday hoping the changes would come smoothly. Spent two days figuring out everything not to do. Now it’s Thursday, and I hope my site is up and running so you can read this blog post. What I have come to begrudgingly realize, going through this process, is that I needed those two days of getting everything wrong so that I could learn. It was not a comfortable process, but because of those tough days, the rest of the week moved smoother. If everything would have fallen into place, I would not have the knowledge and experience that I have now.

We love to learn new things in life.

One of the most effective ways of learning is by failing.

Wouldn’t it make sense for us to change our perspective on failing and embrace it instead of fight it?

Holy Cow! Easier said than done, I know, but here are a few things to help you (and me) start to see failure in a better light.

  • Winning is great, but failing then winning is even better. Have you ever had a time when you worked towards something and it did not come easily or quickly. I think of all of the individuals who train for marathons or study for major exams. Wow, it takes so much time to train and learn, and I can guarantee that most people do not accomplish it without some setbacks. Finishing easily is great. The finish line is TRIUMPHANT when you have failed along the way and worked your tail off to get there. Whatever you are working towards, keep your eye on the prize and don’t give up.
  • Learning is great, but failing then learning is even better. Your time is never wasted when you are learning, would you agree? If you take a class or read a book, you learn alot and retain some. The way to learn and never forget is to learn by failing. You remember both what did not work, as well as what did. You tend to remember the lessons learned, and rarely forget them. Your time is never wasted by learning through failures.

I understand there are deadlines that must be met and people who are not very forgiving when it comes to mistakes. I also know we can be very hard on ourselves. As with so many areas in life, changing our perspective starts with us first. I certainly have been struggling with this perspective, just ask those around me earlier this week. I have to ask myself and I ask you “How would our lives change and become better if we could embrace learning through mistakes and failures?”

For me, I know the approach I have been taking regarding failures has not worked well. All it has done is lowered my confidence and drained me. Would you join me in working to change our perspective on making mistakes? I think we will enjoy each day more and have a party at the finish line because of it!

Failure propels us forward, it does not hold us back!

Do you have someone dear to you that has struggled with accomplishing an important goal? Have they failed and might be having a hard time getting going again? If this perspective change on failing and learning would help them, would you forward this post their way? I love living life together!

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