About Me

When I hit forty, I needed to make some serious adjustments in my life. I felt horrible because I did not eat well.  I had tremendous back pain because of lack of movement and exercise. My husband, family and friends wanted to spend time with me, but I had no time to give them. I felt like I was failing at every turn. This was not the life I envisioned myself living, but here I was. I had so many areas I needed to change and no time or energy to change them, I felt stuck!

By the grace of God, I came across some life planning tools and decided to give them a try. One small step at a time, I pulled myself out of the rut I had created in my life.

I have now spent many years trying to figure out how to live the best life I can. My life is by no means perfect, but it is so much better. If I were to leave this earth today, I could confidently say that I lived the life that I wanted to live. One aspect of my life that makes it great, is to be able to share my journey with you. To be a part of helping amazing women like you, pull themselves out of the ruts they find themselves in. I want you to move forward towards living the life you want to be living!

I am a work in progress, and I am still trying to figure out many things in my life, but I invite you to join me in changing the rules. To invest in Self Care, which replenishes our strength and vitality. Allowing us to invest in our heart’s BEST work, disqualifying many of the “good” works presented to us. Investing in one right decision at a time, one after another. Contributing to those around us to make our piece of the world a better place!

Join me in living the best life we can live!

A few more fun facts:

  • I’m married to John, an amazing man I met when we were in high school working together as summer camp counselors.
  • John and I never had children, but have enjoyed sharing our lives with our puppy dogs. They are my “puppies” no matter what age they are.
  • Because of my desire to help others live an amazing life, I obtained my Certification as a Coaching Leader (Life Coach) through Ministry Coaching International in December of 2011.
  • I left my career in bookkeeping for small family owned businesses and non-for-profit organizations to start Jen Regan & Company. I am gathering all of my life experiences and writing my first book as we speak. Just as my life is a work in progress, so is my book. Continue to enjoy my blog post and my Facebook Group because it is going to be a little while before I finish my masterpiece.
  • I was born and raised in the St. Louis, Missouri area. John and I have settled in St. Louis, close to family and friends.
  • I love a good challenge and I love to be active. In the past few years I have biked a century ride (100 miles in one day), finished my first sprint triathlon, and spoiled myself biking San Juan Island in Washington state with a dear friend.
  • I am an introvert, so even though I enjoy time with John, family and friends, I love “me time” too.