A Difference Maker – One Thing That Will Move You Forward Faster!

I love results! Who doesn’t! It’s a great feeling when you have lost a few pounds, learned something you never knew, accomplished a task you have been working towards, or finally running in that 5k or half marathon that you have always wanted to run. Getting results give us a great feeling, a feeling of accomplishment, a feeling of moving forward, a feeling of making a positive change in our lives.

I had a moment of inspiration this morning about this exact subject. While we love the feeling of accomplishment, and making things happen in our lives, many times we are not willing to invest in “the one thing” that will provide the greatest amount of growth – GETTING HELP.

Classroom Desk (Mobile)

I have experienced this first hand in my life. I knew in order to get a job, I needed an education so I went to school. I knew when I wanted to become a Life Coach that I needed training, so I did what it took to get my certification. Education seems to be a no brainer when we need to receive that diploma or certificate. But what about our health? What about our interests? What about the direction of our life as a whole? If you are like me, I’ve tried to do it myself, and have just muddled through.

Most of us have heard the common definition of insanity. Insanity is “doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different result.” We all have done this at one time or the other.

In order to break the insanity cycle, the key is this: If something thing is not working, try something else.

In 2014 I tried something else. I got help.

I have been working for quite a few years now to get into better physical “shape”. I will be turning 42 in the next few weeks and I want to continue to be active and vibrant as I go through my 40’s, 50’s and into my 80’s and 90’s. I knew the only way for me to be vibrant throughout my life is to work on being strong and less fragile now. I have tried many programs and have found some success, but it has been minimal. For me, I continued to hit a wall and could not get over it.

IT ALL CHANGED THIS YEAR by making one simple change, I am getting help from a professional in the field of physical fitness. As of yesterday, I have been working out with a personal trainer for 3 short months and I have advanced more than I have in ALL of the years that I have been trying to do it myself.

Did you get that? In three short months, I have advance more than I have in all of the years prior to that!

By making one change, getting professional help.

The same is true for my life as a whole. Since I hired a Life Coach, I have made more changes in my life for the better. Again, I tried to do it by myself, but the last three years of being coached have created MAJOR CHANGE for the better in my life. All because I got help from a professional.

Today, if you want to see real change, faster results, and the feeling of moving forward in your life, invest in obtaining professional help:

  • If you want to lose weight, there are people and companies that specialize in weight loss!
  • If you want to get into shape, there are personal trainers that will help you reach your personal goals.
  • If you want to be more financially secure, there are people and organizations out there to help you put a plan into place for financial success.
  • If you want to dream of a great future for yourself, your significant other, your family, and put a plan together to make it happen, hire a Life Coach and you will move forward in those dreams!

You name the area you want to move forward in, there is a person or company out there ready to help you move forward.

But Jen….all of that costs a lot of money. You are absolutely right, but I am going to say it like it is. THAT’S A BIG OLD EXCUSE! You are spending your money somewhere. Take a look at where your money is going.

If you want to move forward in your life, you can and will make it happen. Period!

I can be the queen of excuses (trust me), but there is ALWAYS a way to move forward.

Henry Ford said it best: Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right!

What is different about my life? I “think I can” and am making change happen by getting HELP!

An Amazing 46 Days!

This image sums up the last 46 days! It is great to have said goodbye to 46 items and as I look back I don’t regret parting with even one of them. It fact, there is more space in my life because of the removal of these items.

sometimes-you-dont-feel-the-weight-1024x685 copy (Mobile)
It has been a fun 46 days. It has been a ton of fun having conversations with friends and family as they have tried to part with items in their life. This adventure has sparked conversations around camp fires, dinner tables and many phone calls. It has been a great experience for me, and I hope for you too!

Getting rid of “stuff” is different for every person, as it should be. We are all amazing and unique individuals. I guess the message I would like to part with is – Always strive to live your BEST LIFE and do not let any possession hold you back from it! Find freedom in your day, in your home and in your life.

Thanks for sticking with me over the past 46 days! Here is a mini collage of all of the “stuff” I parted with. It was fun to recap!

Preview of “40 days collage”Let’s see what adventure we can get into next! Have a great week!

The end is in sight and the good-bye pile is growing!

This week flowed pretty well. I was actually in the mood to get rid of things and clear more space. Don’t get me wrong, I still had to search for things to get rid of, but once I looked in the far corners of my home, I realized that I had more stuff that I do not use or have duplicates of.

I was also reminded that getting rid of things is a process. I have had many items in my sites for some time, but I was not ready to part with them. My house is filled with things that I am not ready to part with. But over time, I realize that a lot of it is in the way and taking up space. In most cases I do not love the items, or not even use them. It takes time to part with them, but I feel great when I do.

Because it is a process, it is important for me to keep reduction at the forefront of my mind. To take time out monthly or quarterly to go through things and ask myself if it is time to part with certain items. That would be a great thing to add to my monthly todo list.

I also want to set up a system to think before I buy new items. I am trying something new this week. I set up an incentive program for myself. There are a few clothing items that I would like to acquire, but instead of just running out to get them, I have decided that I have to earn them. I set up a goal for myself this week to move forward on one important area of my life and if I succeed all week, I can go purchase one of those items. What this also does is prolong the buying process which gives me time to really think about whether I need this item or not. It take the “impulse” out of the buying process.

Here are the items I said goodbye to this week! Possessions #36 – #42

Autumn flag

#36 With the weather growing warmer, I went out into the garage to do some spring clean up. While I was there, I found this autumn flag that I have not flown for at least 10 years. I decided the American flag was all I needed and said goodbye to this one.


#37 Again, while working in the garage, I came across this propane lantern. My husband LOVES flashlights, so in the case of an emergency, I think we are covered and would probably not use this lantern…at least we have not in quite a few years.

swim suit

#38 I love swimming and this is one of my favorite suits that I seen may laps around the pool. I have another one that fits me a little better and I really don’t need two. Goodbye my old friend!

white board

#39 This white board has been used for many things through the years. As you might notice, if you look closely, we were using it as our workout board for a while. But our smart phones have taken over for the white board and we have not used it for quite some time, goodbye!


#40 Here are a few CD’s that just did not make the cut. I hope someone else enjoys them!

over eating book

#41 This book was a great recommendation from a friend and pointed me in my current direction of eating healthy and removing much of the processed foods out of my diet. Goodbye processed foods and goodbye book.

boxing bag

#42 I was not quite ready to get rid of my boxing gloves and wraps, but it was time to part with my boxing bag. I don’t need it!

Great lessons have been learned so far, but I’m not done yet. A few more items to go! See you next week for the grand finale!



I would have never guessed!

At the beginning of this week I knew that it was going to be tough to find things to give away. In fact, each day I have roamed around my house trying to figure out what to part with. But, I have found something to depart with every day and I have experienced something that I did not expect. I was expecting to feel upset about the items that I was parting with. I was expecting to feel real pain. But what I have found is yet more FREEDOM! I cannot explain it in any other way. It has made me realize that I don’t need these items in my life to make me happy. It felt like a breath of fresh air!

Here is what I said goodbye to this week! Week #5, Possessions #29 – #35

dress pants

Possession #29 is a pair of dress pants that I really like, but since I have been eating better and working out, they are simply too big for me. I was tempted to hold on to them in case I gained a few pounds back, but what kind of mindset is that? I do not want to live my life thinking about backsliding, I want to focus on continually improving my life. Therefore, I decided that say goodbye to my pants, and give them to someone else to enjoy. I know that whatever size pants I need in the future, I will be able to purchase them (hopefully on clearance)!


Possession #30 is a bag of cosmetics that I have tried and did not like. I held on to them thinking I might use them some day, but now that I am eating healthy, my skin is looking a feeling better than ever, so goodbye!

Coin Scarf

Possession #31 is a belly dancing scarf. I have two others that I like a lot better, so I do not need this one!

pull bouy

Possession #32 is a “Pull Buoy” still in its package. I love to swim and I bought this when I had a membership to a gym with a pool. I no longer have that membership and really don’t need this sitting around.

door picture

Possession #33 is a picture that I bought for almost nothing on clearance that I was going to put up on our front door. The problem is, we have a lot of door to door solicitors so I always keep my friendly “no solicitors” sign up and never have used this picture.

striped shirt

Possession #34 Back to my closet. This striped shirt is very comfortable, but also getting a little too big for me. I have pulled this shirt out many times to give away, but always put it back in my closet. It is time to finally say farewell!

blue shirt

Possession #35 This shirt is beautiful, but I have NEVER worn it! I simply never have an occasion to use it and now, like much of my clothes, it is getting too big! This one was a hard decision, but it felt GREAT to finally get rid of it! I no longer have to think about when I might be able to wear it.

Sacrifice = More FREEDOM! Who would have guessed! 7 more items gone, 11 more items to go! Wow, this is amazing!

See ya next week! I have no idea what to expect!

Possessions #22 – #28…Week 4!

In order to keep my commitment of getting rid of 40 possession in 40 days, I am getting really close to giving away things that I would normally keep. Some may think, “what’s the point Jen, I understand giving away things that you no longer use or no longer want, but this is getting a little silly.”

You may be right, but I knew this getting into the commitment. The original inspiration for this project was a Benedictine Monk who started out with a lot less than me and decided to sacrifice for 40 days. Like he did, now I have to move into the sacrificial stage of my 40 days.

These items may not seem like much of a sacrifice to you, but realize, I have looked over my entire house for the past 4 weeks and for whatever reason, the items I select from this point on were items I had a plan for. I was planning on reading that book again, I really like that piece of clothing, I was planning on using those videos again. Whatever the case, I had hopes of using these items again.

The great news is that

  1. I can live without them.
  2. I am giving them to people who can use them instead of collecting dust on my shelves.

I present to you, Week #4, Possession #22-#28!

MBA book

Possession #22: A book I was hoping to read down the road. I doubt that was realistic because I have many other books “on my list” to read, before I would have gotten to this one.

nonl book

Possession #23: This book I utilized as we were starting our company. It’s a great reference, but I was able to pass it on to a friend getting ready to start-up their business. I’m glad it can be put to good use!

kitchen stuff

Possession #24: A few kitchen odds and ends. I was baking one night and realized I had the measuring cup hidden way in the back. This measuring cup was a great idea but a pain to clean, so I stopped using it and now it is out the door!

landlord book

Possession #25: Another book going to a good friend!

IMG_2234 (Mobile)

Possession #26: A great set of exercise videos. These were the videos that started my journey towards my current fitness goals. They were great, so I passed them on to my mom so she could walk indoors when the weather is bad.

dance video

Possession #27: Is another fun exercise video. I love to dance and this one was great! But I pulled it off the shelf and now I am just left with my two yoga videos.

office files

Possession #28: These are some odds and ends from my office. File folder, a special two hole punch and another journal.

7 more things that are truly not important when we consider the big picture of life. I am confident that over the next 12 days, the sacrifice that I make will be nothing compared to the freedom I feel as I create open space, the gratitude I feel for the items I decide to keep and the joy I will feel for keeping my commitment to saying goodbye to 40 possession in 40 days.

By the way, Easter is actually 18 days away, not 12. And the tradition that I grew up with was to give up something until Easter, so yes, I will give up the extra 6 items = 46 days!