Out With The Suckers!

What does week #3 have to do with SUCKERS?

If you know me, you know I love sweets! Am I sending them to the curb? … Of course not!

Am I ousting some special people in my life? … No you lucky SUCKERS! 🙂

I am using the great amount of knowledge that I have accumulated in the past month or so from my gardening class to get rid of another type of sucker altogether.

If you are unaware (as I was just weeks ago), suckers are the:

“vigorous vertical growth coming from the roots or lower main stem of a plant. Suckers are generally considered an undesirable thing—you want the plant but you don’t want its suckers, because the latter sap the original plant’s energy and turn it into weak growth in the wrong place.” (4 Ways to Control Plant Suckers: Controlling Suckers to Keep Your Plants Healthy By Jonathan Landsman)

Now, what does this have to do with giving away 40 possessions in 40 days? Good question! Through a conversation with yet another wonderful friend, they mentioned to me that they were following my progress and felt the items I was getting rid of were not all that hard to part with. And they were right! But the, now 21, items that I have parted with are suckers in my life:

  • They vigorously grow! I accumulate things very quickly. I don’t mean to but: I pick one small thing up here and there and suddenly it adds up with many other little things that I have picked up along the way. My possessions vigorously grow! I’m guessing yours do too.
  • They sap the original plant’s energy! I think if you asked the plant, it would say that the sucker is just fine to stay there, but once you prune that sucker, or get rid of unneeded possessions we and the plant suddenly feel freedom and open space! We can put our energy into real growth and not just supporting the suckers.

For me, saying goodbye to 40 possessions in 40 days is helping me to keep control over the vigorous growth of stuff in my life and is giving me a sense of real freedom everyday when I make the decision on what to part with.

Here is my low down for the week!

movie 1

Day #1: A fun movie, but I don’t need it!

movie 2

Day #2: Another great movie. Can you tell I raided the movie shelf this week?

nike flops

Day #3: My favorite Nike flip flops. My feet apparently have shrunk because they are HUGE on me. I could not even walk out to the trash can with them on.

drying rack

Day #4: This one was a tough one for me. I love my household tools and I have dried clothes on this puppy for years. Last year I expanded and got a portable clothes line that I can use outside, so this one was just taking up space. It felt great to have the space after it was gone!


Day #5: I used to buy journals on clearance so that I could give them to my coaching clients if they wanted them. These were a few I had left over, so it is time to pass them on as I had originally planned.

pebbles toy

Day #6: Pebbles, my sweet dog, contributed today! She could not even get her mouth around the toy. Good bye!

challenger tshirt

Day #7: This is a special t-shirt I got as a child when my family visited the space museum in Huntsville AL. The image on it is of the Space Shuttle Challenger which broke apart 73 seconds into its flight, leading to the deaths of its seven crew members on January 28, 1986. I have held onto it because it is so special, but now I want it to be in the hands of someone who will really appreciate it.

Goodbye 7 more possessions! Goodbye SUCKERS! Hello more space and freedom in my life and home!



Week Two! It’s getting very interesting! I have made it through 14 days of giving away one possession a day and I can see how this is going to continue to get more challenging as I go along.

My words for the week are OBLIGATION, SECURITY and IMPULSE. This week, I discovered that I have purchased things out of obligation, and at times, very impulsively. I have also found that I have held on to much of it for its sense of security.

I’ve made a conscious decision, saying goodbye to obligations, impulse and security. I have found great peace as I have placed items on my goodbye pile! Here is what I was able to part with this week.


Day #1: My friend Monica inspired me to get rid of a dress that has been collecting dust in my closet. I bought this dress a few years ago and only wore it once. I don’t even know if it fits me any more, but there was a sense of security I felt with having it in my closet. Once I took the step to remove it and add it to my goodbye pile, I felt a freeing feeling. It’s gone!


Day #2: I love having clear walls. Some may think that my walls are bare when they come to my house, but I just like them clean and clear. I find it refreshing. With that in mind, I took down three trivets (small plates that sit on the table or countertop on which you place hot serving dishes) that I bought at a home party years back, but never used other than for wall art. I do love home shows, but I have also found that I buy things out of obligation, not out of want or need. I say goodbye to the trivets and I think I have to say goodbye to home shows too. Goodbye!

wooden book

Day #3: Another book! This book is great and very inspiring. Why not pass it on so someone else can get inspired!


Day #4: In my continued pursuit to remove chemical cleaners from my home, I parted with a bag of different detergents now that I have found healthier alternatives.

love lang book

Day#5: A great book that is very useful for everyone. This is going to a good friend who is interested in serving her husband better and wants to find out what Love Language he has!

church book

Day#6: This book is going to the same friend as day #5. She is an amazing woman always serving others with a glad heart!

Day #7: Impulse buy! Last year I wanted a pair of comfortable sandals. I knew I did not LOVE these shoes, but I got them anyway. They are not cute and they are not comfortable. They are gone! I have felt guilty for buying these, so I held on to them. It was a mistake, and now it’s time to move on. Ahhhhh! (deep sigh)
Giving away one item a day does take a lot of work, but it is worth every moment.

Have you bought things or kept things out of Obligation? Security? or Impulse? We all do, but don’t let those mistakes continue to tie you down. Break the ties to those possessions and gain some freedom!

Until next week! Keep living your BEST!!!

Week #1 of my “saying goodbye to 40 possessions in 40 days”

Week number one of my “saying goodbye to 40 possessions in 40 days” was a great success! Getting rid of seven items was not too hard. Here is what it looked like for me this week.

Vietnam Vet donation

Wednesday was the start of this great journey, and in order to start out on the right foot I gathered up all of the items I had already set aside to donate, called the Vietnam Veterans of America, and had them pick up two bags of goodies. Now I felt like I could start fresh.


Red sweater

Day #1: Wednesday I pulled a sweater out of my closet that I had not worn all winter. It’s one of those garments that had to be paired with just the right thing and it was way to high maintenance for me – it goes in the donation pile!


southern living 1
Day #2: Thursday I gave away some home decor and found a friend in need of it. And just like that day #2 was done.


southern lving 2
Day #3: After finding out the need my friend had for home door, I decided that day # 3 was going to be a second piece of home decor that she might like. I texted her a picture and sure enough, she loved it. Day #3 done.


nail polish

Day #4: This requires some back story – I recently made a huge shift in what I eat. I have all but eliminated dairy, grains, refined sugars and preservatives from my diet. I had been feeling poorly and these changes have made an amazing difference in my health! Along with that, I have decided to start eliminating the chemicals that I come in contact with on a daily basis.

Here’s where we pick up on Day #4: I decided to give up all of my toe nail polish and remover. My hubby, a Senior Environmental Consultant, has mentioned for years how bad the chemicals in the polish remover are. After much thought, I said good-bye to my pretty toes and my toe nail polish and remover.


church book

Day #5: Sunday I prepared for a Monday morning breakfast meeting with a friend by setting aside a book that I thought my friend’s husband might like. I delivered it Monday morning!

A side note on books. I used to have a beautiful bookcase for my book collection. I loved adding another book to the shelves. I remember the day when I was first challenged with the questions, “What are you storing in your home today that would benefit someone else if you gave it to them?” and my books were the first thing that came to my mind. I started small by giving a few books away, but I found that my friends appreciated the books, and they enjoyed the information they contained that I could not stop.

These days I have a small set of books that I keep for my future use and reference, but now as I read a new book, I find myself thinking about who might benefit from the book. When I am finished, the book is on it’s way to it’s new home. Even though we have a Kindle, I still buy paper books just for the joy of giving books away.


black skirt
Day #6: Monday I attend a belly dancing class with another great friend and felt like it was time to get rid of a few belly dancing accessories. This week I put this black skirt in my donation pile and next week I hope to give a sequins scarf to one of the ladies at belly dancing who liked it. More on that next week.


And finally day #7, I donated a pair of capris and threw in a few T-shirts for good measure.


That was not too painful! Now that you have seen my list, do you think you can part with 7 items and pass them on to someone else who could use them? It really is easier than you think, it just takes some intentional thought!

Every item I part with clears space, and that is refreshing to me. My closets are getting to the point where they are not crammed full and there is actually a place for everything, which also keep my house and life cleared of clutter. I love the feeling!

I am confident it is going to get harder as the days and weeks go along, but I am confident that I have 40 items in my home that I can part with.

Until next week! Take some time to think about clearing a little clutter and adding open space to your home and life!

Saying Goodbye to 40 Possessions in 40 Days

I love my stuff! I love the things that I have purchased. They either have a wonderful usefulness to them or I simply love them and they fit my personality and style perfectly. I love my home and being surrounded by the things I love.

But I also love simplicity. I was raised with minimal possessions, even though we had plenty. But to this day, I still thrive when I have less stuff.

I am stuck between two worlds again! This seems to be a theme of mine lately. (I may want to pay attention to that!)

little boy

Starting Wednesday, March 5th, the Roman Catholic Church goes into a time of 40 days of preparation for Easter, and these 40 days are called Lent. I was raised Catholic and consider many of their rituals to be absolutely beautiful. One ritual that I was raised with was giving something up for those 40 days. As a child it was some sort of candy or sweets, but now that I am older, I ask myself each year if there is something I should give up during this time.

Catholic or not, I think that the idea of giving something up for a period of time has huge benefits. It certainly helps us to appreciate what we have in life a lot more.

A wonderful friend of mine mentioned a time that she heard a Benedictine Monk speak. Even though monks own a lot less than the average person, he shared the idea of giving away 40 possessions during the time of Lent. He said the first 20 days were pretty easy, but the last 20 days became very challenging. That is when true sacrifice had to be made.

My friend and I shook hands on it this past week. We have decided to give away 40 possession in the 40 days before Easter.

There are many reasons for doing this, but most important are:

  • I want to bless others during this time. I want to find items that others might love and pass it on to them.
  • I want to enjoy the wonderful side effect of clearing more clutter from my home.
  • I want to sacrifice. This is not something I have to do very often, but I believe it to be very healthy. As I get closer to Easter and the end of my 40 days, I want to be to the point where I am giving up things that I really love, so that I can pass them on to people who will love them as well.

If you want to follow my journey, I will keep you up to date on saying goodbye to 40 possessions in 40 days through this blog as well as share other fun stuff too.

Do you have 40 items you could and should part with? Join me and my friend! Let me know that you have made the commitment and keep me up to date on how it is going!